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Water Vapor and Cloud Feedbacks

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Water vapor plays an important role in global climate change through its influence in hydrological and energy cycles, and for its radiative effect as the strongest greenhouse gas.

The ability of the atmosphere to hold more water vapor with increasing temperature leads to an important positive feedback for the estimate of global warming in response to the increase in CO2. This feedback is highly sensitive to upper tropospheric water vapor (UTWV). Meanwhile, clouds provide significant radiative forcing to the climate system in their own right.

The Microwave Limb Sounder on Aura satellite provides unprecedented simultaneous measurements of UTWV and cloud ice profiles. Analysis of these datasets has contributed and will continue contributing to our understanding of the dynamics controlling water vapor and cloud variations, and to help quantifying their feedbacks to climate change. In particular, MLS observations contradict the so-called 'Iris hypothesis' which holds that changes in upper tropospheric clouds will give a negative feedback on climate change.

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