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The MLS N2O Product

Contact: Alyn Lambert

Basic Information

Nitrous oxide (N2O) is produced almost entirely at the Earth's surface, about 70% from biological processes (natural decay process of land and ocean) and the rest from human activities (e.g. agricultural fertilization and fossil-fuel burning) Since the 1950's an increase in N2O of about 0.3%/year has been seen in this important greenhouse gas.

The N2O concentration is greatest (typically 310 ppbv) in the troposphere where it is a well-mixed gas and gradually decreases with height in the stratosphere due to destruction primarily by photolysis with ultraviolet light to yield N2 and atomic O3. Another destruction pathway is via reactions with excited oxygen atoms which yields NO molecules.

N2O is a good tracer of the movement of air parcels because its long life-time (over 100 years at 20 km) is much greater than that of atmospheric dynamical processes.
The N2O Molecule
N2O Molecule Visualization

How it is part of MLS Science Objectives

N2O studies contribute to the further investigation of stratospheric ozone layer stability. MLS measurements of nitrous oxide are important in understanding the transport of air and therefore are used in tracking dynamical processes and differentiating these effects from chemical processes that affect ozone destruction.

How EOS MLS measures N2O

The standard product for N2O is taken from the 190 GHz retrieval.

N2O Information from the Spectroscopy Database

Quick Product Information for data version v5

  • Swath Name: N2O
  • Status Flag: Only use profiles for which the Status field is an even number.
  • Useful Range: 100 - 0.46 hPa
  • DAAC Short Name: ML2N2O
  • Precision: Only use values for which the estimated precision is a positive number.
  • Quality Threshold: See v5 data quality document.
  • Convergence Threshold: See v5 data quality document.

Download EOS Aura MLS N2O v5 data

Publications related to the MLS N2O data product


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