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The MLS Cloud Ice Product

Contact: Alyn Lambert

Basic Information

Cloud ice water content (IWC) is defined as cloud ice mass in unit volume of atmospheric air. It can vary largely from 0.0001 g/m3 in thin cirrus to 1 g/m3 inside convective core. The vertically integrated column of IWC is ice water path (IWP).
Illustration of MLS cloud ice
Sample ice water retrieval map

How it is part of MLS Science Objectives

Clouds are a major source of uncertainty in understanding climate change of our home planet. Important to cloud radiative and hydrological properties, IWC is the key variable that connects cloud macrophysical
and microphysical (such as ice particle sizes and shapes) properties. MLS cloud ice measurements can be used to reduce uncertainties in climate model parameterizations so that cloud physics/processes can be better represented.

MLS IWC has units of g/m^3.

How EOS MLS derives IWC
The standard product for IWC is retrieved from the 240 GHz cloud-induced radiances (Tcir) at 215 - 68 hPa. The IWC- Tcir relation is calculated using a radiative transfer model where ice particle size distribution is prescribed based on in-situ data. The modeled IWC-Tcir relation forms the basis of the operational IWC retrieval, which converts Tcir directly to IWC without any inversion.

The MLS IWC represents an average quantity over the volume of ~300 x 7 x 4 km3 (length, width, height) near the tangent point of each Tcir measurement. Cloud inhomogeneity and assumptions about particle size distribution are largest uncertainties. Averaging MLS IWC data (e.g. monthly) helps to reduce some of the inhomogeneity-induced uncertainties but the uncertainties induced by particle size assumptions (~100%) cannot be reduced.


Another sample ice water retrieval map at 147 hPa

Quick Product Information for data version v4.2

  • Swath Name: IWC
  • Status Flag: User is recommended to screen the IWC data using the Status eld in the collocated temperature profile to exclude bad retrievals.
  • Useful Range: 215 - 83 hPa
  • DAAC Short Name: ML2IWC
Download EOS Aura MLS IWC v4.2 data

Publications related to the MLS IWC data product


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