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Contact: Michelle Santee

Basic Information

Chlorine monoxide (ClO) is the dominant form of reactive chlorine in the stratosphere and is thus the principal agent for chlorine-catalyzed destruction of stratospheric ozone. The primary source of stratospheric chlorine is chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, chemical compounds composed of chlorine, fluorine, and carbon that are emitted by human activities at the surface. After they reach the upper stratosphere (primarily by upwelling in the tropics), the CFCs are broken down by high-energy UV radiation, liberating chlorine. Away from the polar regions, most of the chlorine released from CFCs resides in relatively benign reservoir species such as ClONO2 and HCl that do not directly destroy ozone. In the winter polar regions, however, heterogeneous chemical reactions on the surfaces of polar stratospheric clouds convert chlorine to highly reactive forms. Enhanced levels of ClO are a signal that ozone destruction is taking place.
The ClO Molecule
ClO molecule visualization

How it is part of MLS Science Objectives

One of the main objectives of the Aura mission in general and MLS in particular is to track the stability of the stratospheric ozone layer. Simultaneous measurements of HCl and ClO from MLS provide information on reservoir and reactive chlorine and the partitioning between them that is crucial for understanding (and thus predicting) stratospheric ozone depletion.

How EOS MLS measures ClO

the standard ClO product is derived from radiances measured by the radiometer centered near 640GHz. (ClO is also retrieved using radiances from the 190-GHz radiometer, but those data have poorer precision.)

ClO Information from the Spectroscopy Database

Quick Product Information for data version v5

  • Swath Name: ClO
  • Status Flag: Only use profiles for which the Status field is zero.
  • Useful Range: 147 - 1.0 hPa
  • DAAC Short Name: ML2CLO
  • Precision: Only use values for which the estimated precision is a positive number.
  • Quality Threshold: >1.3
  • Convergence Threshold: <1.05
Download EOS Aura MLS ClO v5 data

Publications related to the MLS ClO data product


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