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Comparison of Measured and Modeled Zonal Mean ClO
from Jackman et al. [J. Geophys. Res., vol. 101, 28,753-28,767, 1996]

figure of zonal means of MLS ClO, a model of ClO, and the difference between the two

This figure shows zonal means of UARS MLS daytime ClO measurements for the period August-October 1992 (top panel) compared with results from the Goddard Space Flight Center 2-D model of stratospheric transport and chemistry (middle panel) and their differences (bottom panel).

The model appears to do a reasonable job of activating chlorine in the Antarctic lower stratosphere, compared with the MLS observations, although it predicts substantially more ClO than measured in the middle and upper stratosphere, as has been found by other workers. The problems in adequately simulating ClO have significant influence on the ability to accurately model ozone; these problems may be due to reactions such as OH+ClO > HCl +O2 which have not yet been observed in the laboratory and are not included in the model producing these results.

For further discussion see Jackman et al. J. Geophys. Res. vol. 101, 28,753-28,767, 1996.

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