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Contact: William Read

Relative humidity with respect to ice (RHI) is the ratio of the amount of water vapor present to the maximum amount of water vapor that a parcel of air can hold (adding more water will lead to ice condensation with no change increase in humidity - strongly dependent on the air parcel's temperature).

RHI is measured in units of percent. It is useful for determining where clouds are present or likely to form. Both humidity and clouds exert significant radiative forcings in the Earth Climate System.

How it is part of MLS Science Objectives

One of the scientific objectives of MLS is studying climate change. MLS measurements of relative humidity along with temperature and cloud ice are important for improving our understanding climate processes.

How EOS MLS derives RHI

RHI is relative humidity with respect to ice. It is a derived product from the standard products of water vapor and terperature using the Goff-Gratch formula.

Quick Product Information for data version v5

  • Swath Name: RHI
  • Status Flag: Only use profiles for which the Status field is an even number.
  • Useful Range: Profile from 316 - 0.001 hPa
  • DAAC Short Name: ML2RHI
  • Quality Threshold: See v5 data quality document.
  • Convergence Threshold: < 2.0; Temperature Convergence < 1.03

Download Aura MLS RHI v5 data

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