Aura MLS

Near Real-Time Data Products

Contact: Alyn Lambert

The MLS team have developed a capability to produce limited data products in near-real-time. Currently we are processing data with a latency of typically between 2 to 4 hours distributed by the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Earth Sciences Data and Information Service Center (GSFC-DISC).

The Aura MLS NRT data products are derived from a reduced Level-2 algorithm which uses a fast linearized forward model resulting in computational resource requirements reduced dramatically compared to the standard product processing suite.

Data Overview

An overview of the Aura MLS NRT products and comparison with the MLS standard data products is given in a brief user guide*:

NRT User Guide v5.0 (PDF)

* Looking for data user guides for previous versions of MLS NRT data that are no longer on-line? Please contact the MLS Team and we will be happy to get you the documentation you are looking for.

Data Access

MLS NRT Data Access (there are up to 96 files per day per product each containing 15 minutes of data).

The Aura MLS version 5.0 Near-Real-Time data are available for download over HTTPS from the GES-DISC. Only data from the past 7 days are retained online. However, the MLS team can provide historical NRT data (in daily files) for offline testing purposes.

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