Aura MLS

HNO3 (Upper Troposphere)

Contact: Michelle Santee

Nitric acid (HNO3) plays several pivotal roles in the processes controlling stratospheric ozone depletion. It is a key component of the polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs) that form in the very low temperatures of polar winter, removing HNO3 from the gas phase.

PSC particles provide surfaces on which heterogeneous chemical reactions occur, converting chlorine from its reservoir species (e.g., ClONO2, HCl) to the highly reactive forms that participate in the catalytic cycles of ozone destruction (e.g., ClO).

On the other hand, photolysis of HNO3 vapor releases NO2, enabling a major pathway for the deactivation of chlorine, via the reformation of ClONO2 from ClO and NO2. If PSC particles grow large enough, then they can settle out of the lower stratosphere, carrying the HNO3 with them in a process known as denitrification.

Severe denitrification curtails ClONO2 formation, allowing enhanced ClO and thus chemical ozone destruction to persist. Therefore, as a central participant in both the activation and the deactivation of chlorine, HNO3 indirectly regulates the extent, duration, and cumulative magnitude of stratospheric ozone depletion.

How it is part of MLS Science Objectives

One of the main objectives of the Aura mission in general and MLS in particular is to track the stability of stratospheric ozone. Despite international regulations controlling the production of ozone-depleting substances, the ozone layer may not recover as expected.

Potential changes in Earth's climate, including possible cooling and/or moistening of the stratosphere, may increase the prevalence and duration of PSC activity and lead to more severe denitrification, exacerbating chemical ozone loss. Measurement of HNO3 is critical to understanding these issues.

How EOS MLS measures HNO3

The standard product for HNO3 is taken from the 240 GHz retrieval at and below 22 hPa, and from the 190 GHz retrieval at and above 15 hPa.

HNO3 Information from the Spectroscopy Database

Quick Product Information for data version v5

  • Swath Name: HNO3
  • Status Flag: Only use profiles for which the Status field is an even number.
  • Useful Range: 215-1.5 hPa
  • (1.0 hPa under enhanced conditions)
  • Screening: See v5 data quality document.
  • DAAC Short Name: ML2HNO3
  • Precision: Only use values for which the estimated precision is a positive number.
  • Quality Threshold: See v5 data quality document.
  • Convergence Threshold: See v5 data quality document.

Download Aura MLS HNO3 v5 data

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