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HCl in the stratosphere (from 15 to 50 km altitude) is a gas that results from the decomposition (by UV radiation) of tropospheric sources gases, mainly chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Most of the chlorine that is released from CFCs stored in this HCl reservoir at high altitudes (near 50 km), and HCl in the upper stratosphere provides a measure of the total chlorine content of the atmosphere (an abundance close to 3.5 parts per billion by volume).

The chemistry that leads to ozone depletion at high latitudes largely comes from the more reactive forms of gaseous chlorine (mainly as ClO or chlorine monoxide, also measured by MLS), which makes up all or a large fraction of the atmospheric chlorine content in the lower stratosphere (near 20 km altitude) during polar winter and spring.

Some chlorine at high altitude (near 40 km) is also in the form of ClO, which participates in ozone depletion as well. HCl is converted to ClO at high altitude, mainly by reaction with the OH radical; methane (CH4) reacting with chlorine atoms reforms HCl.

A steady-state balance in the concentrations of active and reservoir chlorine molecules is achieved. Chlorine nitrate (ClONO2) also plays a role as a temporary chlorine reservoir, usually with lower abundances than HCl.

How it is part of MLS Science Objectives

One of the objectives for MLS and the Aura mission is to understand and follow changes in the chemistry and atmospheric composition that can affect stratospheric ozone.

HCl in the upper stratosphere has now been decreasing (since about the turn of the century), based on expectations from measurements of CFCs at the ground as well as past satellite HCl data and column HCl measurements from ground-based infrared data.

MLS has observed a global decrease in upper stratospheric HCl, confirming that international agreements to limit the production of CFCs is having an impact on the total available stratospheric chlorine abundance (more than 95% of stratospheric chlorine at high altitude is in the form of gaseous HCl).

Since early 2006, however, the main band for measuring HCl has been used very infrequently because of rapid deterioration in this specific portion of the MLS instrument; this does not diminish the usefulness/quality of other MLS data, including HCl measurements in the lower stratosphere (below about 30km altitude), as these measurements (from another band) have continued on a daily basis.

In the lower stratosphere during polar winter and spring, the MLS measurements of HCl and ClO provide important information about the partitioning of chlorine products critical to ozone depletion.

How EOS MLS measures HCl

Retrievals of the HCl standard product (fromthe 640GHz radiometer) use channels from band 14, as a result of the deterioration observed since early 2006 in nearby band 13, originally targeted (with narrower channels than band 14) at the main HCl emission line center.

HCl Information from the Spectroscopy Database

Quick Product Information for data version v5

  • Swath Name: HCl
  • Status Flag: Only use profiles for which the Status field is an even number.
  • Useful Range: 100 - 0.32 hPa
  • DAAC Short Name: ML2HCL
  • Precision: Only use values for which the estimated precision is a positive number.
  • Quality Threshold: >1.2
  • Convergence Threshold: <1.05

Download Aura MLS HCl v5 data

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