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EOS MLS Derived Meteorological Products

Original (version 1, v1) derived meteorological products (DMPs) for the Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) for MLS v2.2 data are calculated from NASA GMAO's GEOS-5 and the UK Met Office (MetO) stratosphere/troposphere assimilated meteorological datasets. These gridded meteorological data and derived products (such as equivalent latitude (EqL) and vortex edge criteria) are interpolated to the locations of the MLS measurements. Version 2 (v2) DMPs, also known as “EDMPs”, are calculated from newer versions of GEOS5 and from the GEOS5-based MERRA and MERRA-2 reanalyses, and are provided for v3 and v4 MLS data (v2 DMPs for v2.x MLS data may be added if there is a demand for them). Other differences between v1 and v2 DMPs are described in their respective file specification notes on the file access page{s}.

The E/DMPs are a research product, and we need to be able to document their value to continue to get support for providing them. Therefore, we ask that you register and let us know what research project(s) you intend to use these in, as well as letting us know and giving an acknowledgment when you publish a paper using them. This will also allow us to notify you of any problems, updates, or usage issues that may arise. Upon approval of your registration, you'll set up a login and password that you can then use to download the files; information on file format and availability is given on the file access page.

Steps for access to EOS MLS DMP files:
  1. Request access to EOS MLS DMPs
  2. Setup a user log-in profile
  3. Log-in and Search the EOS MLS DMPs

Please DO NOT redistribute these files -- if there are others at your institution who wish to use them without downloading more than once, please have them register as well, so we can keep track of everyone who is using them.

If you don't have a username or password, you may register here and then setup a user profile.

Log-in and Search for EOS MLS DMPs


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