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Validation Studies

v2.2 Validation Papers

Date: May 2007

Details on MLS v2.2 validation are given in validation papers that have been published in the Journal of Geophysical Research. Full citations can be found on the MLS publications page.



HCl Lucien Froidevaux
Stratospheric O3 Lucien Froidevaux
Ground-based O3 Yibo Jiang
BrO Laurie Kovalenko
H2O & N2O Alyn Lambert
Upper Troposhperic O3 / CO Nathaniel Livesey
Derived Meteorological Products Gloria Manney
HOx Herb Pickett
CO Hugh Pumphrey
UTH William Read
ClO Michelle Santee
HNO3 Michelle Santee
T / GPH Michael Schwartz
Clouds Dong Wu

Early Validation Analyses of Atmospheric Profiles From EOS MLS on the Aura Satellite

Date: May 2006

We present results of early validation studies using retrieved atmospheric profiles from the Earth Observing System Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) instrument on the Aura satellite. "Global" results are presented for MLS measurements of atmospheric temperature, ozone, water vapor, hydrogen chloride, nitrous oxide, nitric acid, and carbon monoxide, with a focus on the January - March 2005 time period. These global comparisons are made using long-standing global satellites and meteorological datasets, as well as some measurements from more recently launched satellites. Comparisons of MLS data with measurements from the Ft. Sumner, NM, September 2004 balloon flights are also presented. Overall, good agreeement is obtained, often within 5% to 10%, but we point out certain issues to resolve and some larger systematic differences; some artifacts in the first publicly released MLS (version 1.5) dataset are noted.We comment briefly on future plans for validation and software improvements. +Read more
early validation results

Validation of Aura MLS HOx measurements with remote-sensing balloon instruments

Date: 07 July 2005

Satellite measurements of OH and HO2 obtained by the Aura MLS instrument are compared to the balloon-borne BOH and FIRS-2 instruments. All measurements are also compared with constrained photochemical model calculations. On average, both balloon measurements for OH agree with MLS within 17% over 25-40 km and the measurements agree with the model within 12%. The three measurements for column of OH above 40 km agree within 8% and the mean is 12% below the model. Measurements of HO2 from FIRS-2 and MLS agree on average within 23% over 25-40 km and the differences are generally within the experimental precision. The HO2 measurements agree with the model within 14%. Measurements of HO2 for the column over 40-60 km agree within 16% and the mean measured column agrees with the model within the experimental precision. Our observations do not appear to indicate a "HOx dilemma." +Read more
OH validation

Carbon monoxide measured by the EOS Microwave Limb Sounder on Aura: First results

Date: 28 July 2005

Atmospheric carbon monoxide (CO) is measured by the EOS Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) on NASA's recently-launched Aura satellite. Descent has been observed in the 2004-2005 Northern Hemisphere winter polar mesosphere and upper stratosphere. During August and September 2004 enhanced CO was observed in the upper troposphere over India and Tibet. The MLS CO measurements are described and the radiance signal due to the enhanced CO in the upper troposphere is demonstrated. +Read more
First MLS CO results

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