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The MLS H2O Product

Contact: William Read for troposhpere
Alyn Lambert for stratosphere and mesosphere

Basic Information

Water vapor is the dominant greenhouse gas in the troposphere. Its greatest influences on climate forcing is in the upper troposphere, and it is generally believed that water vapor amplifies the radiative forcing associated with the anthropogenic increases in carbon dioxide. In the tropics upper tropospheric water vapor is closely linked to sea surface temperature and thus ocean-atmosphere coupling phenomena such as the El Nino southern oscillation can be observed. Energy is released when water vapor condenses and large values of relative humidity, which is derived from water vapor and temperature, show where cloud formation is likely. Stratospheric water vapor influences stratospheric ozone chemistry both by providing a source of odd-hydrogen that destroys ozone and by influencing the formation of polar stratospheric clouds that trigger processes leading to large ozone loss in polar winter. Water vapor has been increasing in the stratosphere, believed due to changes near the tropical troposphere where water vapor enters the stratosphere.
The H2O Molecule
H2O molecule visualization

How it is part of MLS Science Objectives

Scientific objectives of MLS include quantifying upper tropospheric processes affecting climate change, and tracking recovery of the ozone layer. The measurements of water vapor are crucial for both these objectives.

How EOS MLS measures H2O

The standard water vapor product is taken from the 190 GHz (Core+R2A) retrieval. Due to the magnitude of changes with height in the upper troposphere, the vertical profile of water vapor is represented as piecewise-linear in the logarithm of water vapor mixing ratio versus logarithm of atmospheric pressure. For this reason, scientific studies using averages of MLS water vapor data should perform the averaging in logarithm of mixing ratio.

Sample H2O observation map
(map from 2005d264)
H2O Information from the Spectroscopy Database

Quick Product Information for data version v3.3/v3.4

  • Swath Name: H2O
  • Vertical Resolution:
    ~2.5km at 316-215 hPa
    ~3.0km at 100-1.0 hPa
    >3.4 km at > 1.0 hPa
  • Useful Range: 316 - 0.002 hPa
  • DAAC Short Name: ML2H2O
  • Precision:
    65% at 316 hPa
    15% at 100hPa
    7% at 1 hPa
    20% at 0.1 hPa
  • Quality Threshold: 1.3
Download EOS Aura MLS H2O v3.3/v3.4 data

Publications related to the MLS H2O data product

Future Publications

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